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Computer Vision Syndrome

We are in a digital world today, and it is not surprising that a good percentage of the world’s population spend the hours of the day staring at bright screens of their computers, mobile phones, and other digital devices. If you are a part of this percentage of the population, you might experience some symptoms of eye strain and might need to visit an optometrist in Winter Park. You, however, need to know there is something called computer vision syndrome which is the cause of the pain that comes from using the computer for too long. Even though most of the things we do today cannot be done without using computers, this syndrome and the consequent eye damage that follows can be prevented and effectively managed. Consult with an optometrist in Orlando and continue reading this article to know all there is to know about computer vision syndrome and how to effectively manage it and prevent eye damage.

What is Computer Vision Syndrome?

Otherwise known as digital eye strain, it encompasses all eye-related problems that come up as a result of the prolonged and excessive use of a computer, smartphone, and other digital devices. When people stay on their digital devices for long, they will experience discomfort or pain in their eyes and the longer they stay on a screen, the worse the discomfort becomes.

On the average, a worker that works behind the computer either in an office or at home works for seven hours on the average. For a lot of businesses, using a computer or other digital devices is important and to avoid putting yourself or your workers at risk of eye damage, you need to find out ways to protect the eyes while getting work done at the same time. This article aims to address that, and an optometrist in Winter Park can be of help.

Symptoms that you are suffering from Computer Vision Syndrome

When you stay at your computer for too long, you will experience some symptoms which is evidence of the fact that you are experiencing computer vision syndrome. Some of these symptoms are listed below;

According to studies, people who use devices with blue light and spend a lot of time on them tend damaging the light-sensitive cells in their eyes. This can cause macular degeneration and is the most common cause of permanent loss of vision.

Keeping the eyes protected

The symptoms of digital eye strain vary from one individual to another, and these vision symptoms can be caused by different eye problems such as change of prescription, aging, untreated eye issues, farsightedness, eye coordination abilities amongst others. Keeping your eyes protected can be done in different ways, and one of the most effective ways is to use the 20 minutes on, 20 seconds off rule. What this means is that every 2o minutes, look away from the screen and stare at something placed 20 feet away for 20 seconds. Usually, when you take your eyes off the screen, the symptoms will desist, but for some people, the symptoms could persist and get worse.

Using the Blue Light Blocking Glasses

If the symptoms of digital eye strain persist with you, an optometrist in Winter Park will recommend the use of blue light blocking glasses to keep your eyes protected from the light. These lenses can be gotten and installed into regular glasses frames. Once you have the glasses on, it will block the blue light that comes from your device’s screen when working, playing games or surfing the internet.

This blue light blocking glasses can also be used to protect your eyes from the UVA/UVB light emitted from the sun. The blue light emitted from the sun is 500 times more than what your computer emits so if you spend more time under the sun, it is dangerous to your eyes too.

When it is time to sleep, the blue light that comes from your computer makes your brain think you should stay awake instead of sleeping and this is why it is not advisable to have your devices on or close to your bed. So, it is better for your health and the health of your eyes to set an alarm to notify you of bedtime so you can shut off your devices and give yourself some rest.

Wearing Contact lenses to deal with computer vision syndrome

There are contact lenses specially designed to protect the eyes from the pain that comes from the using a computer for too long. These contact lenses are designed for whole-day use and are designed with a two-fold approach to protecting the eyes. They come with front-surface aspheric curves in the optical zone which stimulates positive power to the center of the contact lens. With this in place, there will be less strain on the eye muscle when looking at blue lights. The surface design of these lenses is made to be smooth and cohesive to wetness which makes them comfortable to wear. At Eyes of Winter Park, you can get these contact lenses if you are interested in them.

Visit an Optometrist in Winter Park to get your eyes checked

To know more about digital eye strain or computer vision syndrome, book an appointment with an optometrist in Winter Park at Eyes of Winter Park. An effective way of keeping your eyes protected is to go for regular eye checkups as this will help make sure that you are taking the right precautions by using the right prescriptions. The wrong prescription can damage your eyes further, and you sure do not want that to happen. if you would like to see or book an appointment with an optometrist in Winter Park, call 407 672 2020.

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