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Daily or Monthly Contact Lens: Making a choice

At some point, before you are issued your contact lenses in Winter Park, you have the option of getting either a daily or monthly contact lens. If you have been wearing glasses for a long time, you may find the process of switching to contact lenses not-so-simple. Before you have to worry about the details and specifics of getting contact lenses, you may need to ask your optometrist in Winter Park some questions, and those questions include whether you should wear contact lens that you can dispose of daily or the one that you can reuse for a while.

In the past, the first contact lens an optometrist would prescribe can be reused either fortnightly or monthly, and this was because there were limited options. But these days, there are monthly options as well as daily options and this poses a decision challenge for first-time wearers. Except you have a family member or friend who wears contact lenses and knows about them, you might have to ask your optometrist for the best option for you between the two. Let’s check out some of the questions you have to get answers to before choosing between monthly and daily contact lens.

1. “Are the two options available for my prescription?”

Depending on your prescription, some prescriptions may not have the two contact lens options available for them. If your prescription is limited to only one of the two, you do not have the problem of choosing. For instance, if you have a multifocal correction, your prescription will only be available in the reusable monthly contact lens option. Since your condition requires high magnification and stable correction, you need something more durable and long-lasting which you can only get in the monthly contact lens.

If you experience resistance or sensitivity to some lens materials, you will only be given contact lens made with material that your eyes can accommodate. In this case, there will be no need to make any choices, the way your eyes react to some lens profiles will decide for you.

2. “What kind of activities will I be involved in when wearing the lens?”

If your eye condition requires prescriptions that accommodates the two types of lens, you need to factor in what activities you are going to be engaged in when wearing the lens. If you are participating in vigorous activities or ball and contact sports, a daily disposable lens will be ideal for you. This is because you can easily take the lens out quickly if water or dust enter your eyes and replace it with another immediately. Even though this means that you will have to use up more than one set of contact lenses within a day, but like most wearers, this will not be a problem. If your environment is always controlled and nothing can get into your eyes, monthly contact lenses will be a great option.

3. “How often will I be wearing them?”

If you are not wearing your contact lens frequently, it will make sense to opt for the daily contact lens. In the monthly lens, there are usually three lenses to last you for three months while the daily contact lenses contain 30 lenses to last for 30 days/1 months. If you are not wearing your lenses frequently, you can save money by opting for a month’s supply of daily lenses instead of buying a three-month supply at once. With daily lenses, you will also not face the problem of running out of contact lens solution. If you find yourself changing from contact lenses to glasses within a day, then you should consider going for the monthly contact lens. This is because the daily lenses cannot be reused after removal and if you have to change within a single day, you may have to use more than one or two sets which is not wise financially. Before choosing your contact lens in Winter Park, you need to factor in your lifestyle to know which option is suitable for you. Although a lot of contact lens wearers still get prescriptions of only one of the two options, optometrists these days prescribe both options concurrently – they prescribe the monthly contact lens to be used every day and the daily disposable lens to be used on occasions where the contact lens may be affected or removed.

4. “Which option can I afford?”

Monthly contact lenses in Winter Park are relatively comparable to daily lenses when you consider the possibility of using up the 30 lenses before the end of the month and the cost of contact lens solution in which you’ll store your reusable lens when it is not in use. You should also think about how much time and attention that you can dedicate to cleaning your contact lenses. If you have the time, then monthly reusable contact lenses should serve you just fine. But if you hardly have the time, you will better spend your time doing other things than taking care of your contact lenses. Therefore, a daily disposable contact lens will be more than appropriate for you.

As it is with everything that requires deciding between two things, choosing between a daily disposable contact lens and a monthly reusable contact lens in Winter Park boils down to personal preference. The above questions are important when getting your contact lens prescription and it is also advisable to do more follow-up with your optometrist in Winter Park so you can be sure of the details and specifics. Getting your contact lens in Winter Park is not so difficult if you know where to go. For high-quality eye care and the best optometrists in Winter Park, Eyes of Winter Park will cater for all your eye needs. Visit www.eyewinterpark.com or call 407 672 2020 to get more information.

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