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11 things not to do while wearing contact lenses

Contact lenses are medical devices and worn to correct vision, for cosmetic or therapeutic purposes. Contact People choose to wear contact lenses for many reasons. It could be to change the color of their eye for fashion purposes or functional or optical reasons. For instance, if you have an eye defect that requires treatment or correction, all you need is to get contact lenses in Winter Park from Eyes of Winter Park.

Contact lenses are generally preferred to spectacles because they do not collect and are not affected by dust, moisture or sweat. They also offer better peripheral vision and are thereby good to be used for sports and outdoor activities. Even as a contact lens wearer, you can wear any eyewear of your choice including sunshades. And there are some eye conditions which are better treated by wearing contact lenses in Winter Park such as Aniseikonia and Keratoconus.

Though a lot of advantages and convenience come with getting and wearing contact lenses in Winter Park, there are also some things that you should never do while wearing them.

Here are the things you should never do while wearing contact lenses;

1. Do not forget to wash your hands before putting on contacts

Bacteria exist around us in different forms, and for every physical contact you make with your lenses, the odds of bacteria getting glued to them are high. Although, these bacteria can effectively be rendered powerless through consistent hygiene which is why every time you have to touch your contact lenses, you have to make sure you wash your hands properly. And always wash your hands when removing them. This way, you will prevent transmitting any form of bacteria into your eyes.

2. Do not put your contact lenses in your mouth.

It is quite easy to put the contacts into your mouth every time it falls off. But the number of bacteria in your mouth and saliva alone can cause more infection in your eyes. It is not hygienic to put your contact lens into your mouth either. So, it swings both ways as far as putting your lenses into your mouth goes.

3. Do not wear your lenses for too long or past their due dates

Create a schedule for when you would take your lenses out of your eyes. If your eyeballs don’t get enough oxygen, it can lead to the swelling up of the cornea which causes corneal abrasion and eventually an infection if bacteria get into your eyes. The point here is that you should give your eyes time to rest, so you make sure you give them that rest. You should also make sure to change your contact lenses as at when due. Contact lenses are of two types – the daily and monthly. Whichever you choose, make sure you replace them when they are due for a change.

4. Do not sleep with your contacts on

Even though some contact lenses are allowed for night use, it is medically unwise to sleep with them on. So, do well always to remember to take them off before going to bed.

5. Do not wear your lenses during an eye irritation.

If you have an itchy eye or you can feel a tingle in your eye, take your contact lens off first before doing anything to your eyes such as rubbing. There is a reason behind that irritation you are feeling; it could be an infection or a tear in your contact lens. Whatever it is, your eye is reacting to the presence of the contact lens, and you should take it out immediately.

6. Do not wear your lenses without disinfecting them thoroughly.

For every time you take out your contact lenses, apart from the fact that you should never pick them up with unclean hands, you must also disinfect the contact lenses properly before wearing them. If you got your contact lenses in Winter Park, then your optometrist must have told you about the importance of disinfection before wearing them.

7. Do not go into the water with your lenses on

If you enjoy swimming or you take your bath in a tub, chances are, these bodies of water will have germs and bacteria contained in them that can affect the eyes negatively. Acanthamoeba Keratitis is an eye disease that is commonly gotten from bathtubs which can cause blindness. If you, however, decide to take your bath with your contact lenses on, do your best to shut your eyes all through. But don't you think it is better to be safe by taking off the lenses before entering the bathroom?

8. Do not rub your eyes

Whether you wear contact lenses or not, constant rubbing of your eyes is not a good sign. At any rate, the condition you are suffering from is probably getting worse. So, if you wear contact lenses in Winter Park, desist from rubbing your eyes while wearing your lenses. It can make the shape of your cornea change from round to cone-shaped which may lead to blurry vision and ultimately a transplant.

9. Don’t leave makeup on your contact

You can accidentally get makeup on your contact lens. Do not think that it does not matter and go on with your makeup routine. Take out your lenses, clean them before putting them back into your eyes.

10. Don’t wash your contacts with water

Your contact solution exists for a reason, and that is to wash your contact lenses. Water may be a universal solvent, but it cannot clean everything. So, No! Your contact lenses should never be cleaned with water. Use contact solution and all will be well.

Bacteria, debris, and protein accumulate on contact lenses, and those deposits can cause reactions such as giant papillary conjunctivitis, where your eyelids get a million little bumps on them. After that, you could eventually become intolerant to contact lenses altogether. Don't let this happen! Clean your contacts every day with cleaning solution, gently rubbing the lens with your finger to remove debris.

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