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8 Top Ways to Reduce Screen Strain

With so many devices with screens in our daily lives today, most people spend many hours of the day looking into some type of screen. Our eye doctors in Winter Park often see many people reporting headaches, painful vision and other symptoms that result from looking at screens for too long. While it is a good thing to see your eye doctor in Winter Park whenever you have any problem with your eyes, it is better to reduce the stress on your eyes due to excessive screen time and prevent these symptoms in the first place.

If you work at a computer screen all day or spend most of your day looking to your mobile phone, then here are some tips that will help you to reduce the harmful effects of screen strain on your eyes:

1. Configure your screen to dark text on a white background

Reading websites and documents with colored backgrounds is more difficult than when the background and text are a dark-bright contrast. The colors make it harder for you to read and the brightness from the screen also increase the difficulty. All these can combine to give you serious eye strain. Change the document settings to monochrome where possible to make it easier for your eyes to read the texts especially if you will be working with documents for long periods of time.

2. Check that your monitor’s brightness settings match the environment

If you are in a brightly-lit room and your screen is unfocused and dark, it could cause your eyes to get strained due to the constant need to adjust to the lighting conditions. Change your screen brightness settings according to the light conditions of your environment so that your eyes are not forced to work harder than they need to. Also make sure that your monitor is properly focused.

3. Maintain a good line of sight for your monitor.

Eye doctors in Winter Park recommend that you set your monitor to a position that is about 7 inches below your horizontal line of sight. This is a great position for your eyes to read and helps to reduce eye strain. Where your monitor is askew or higher, it could cause both eye strain and ergonomic issues for you.

4. Obey the 20-20-20 rule at work to rest your eyes effectively.

A great way to ensure that you are resting your eyes at work is to take a 20-second break for your eyes for every 20 minutes that you are on the computer for or staring at an object that is about 20 feet away from you. This is also applicable if you work in a stationary position where you are staring at the same area for long periods of time. Taking a short break intermittently helps you to keep your eyes from becoming stressed which could cause you headaches.

5. Take 5-minute breaks every hour

Another way to make the 20-20-20 rule more effective is to take mandatory breaks of 5 minutes every hour. This small break can be spent in a quiet spot, just sitting down and closing your eyes for about 5 minutes. This will help to reduce the tension in your body, reduce muscular fatigue and also help you to regather your thoughts and feel refreshed for the next period of time.

6. Breathing exercises

Staring at a screen for work typically requires plenty of concentration where you have to pay attention to details and avoid missing things. It is important to take deep breaths as often as you can and bling your eyes several times to keep your eyeballs moist. Eye doctors in Winter Park recommend using eye drops if you also suffer from dry eyes. Combine this will regular hourly rests and you will reduce the effects of eye strain on you.

7. Anti-glare screens are helpful

Anti-glare or anti-reflective screens are a great investment that can help to keep your eyes safe especially when you work behind a computer screen for most of your day. The screen helps you to reduce the amount of light that gets to your eyes and cuts down the negative effects of screen glare and flickering. Anti-reflective screens are cheap, and you should also speak to your company to provide one for you where possible.

8. Eye drops are great to have

Whenever your eyes become sore and dry, having eye drops close by helps you to get quick relief and prevent dry eyes. Ensure that you only put in a few drops as recommended by the manufacture. If you have sensitive eyes or suffer from allergies, speak to your eye doctor in Winter Park to recommend the best eye drops for you.

If you are experiencing screen strain on your eyes which is prolonged, you should speak to an eye doctor in Winter Park today. Call us today or send an email for quality eye care.

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