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Contact Lens: Types and Care

Thanks to the different types of contact lenses existing today, all eyes can benefit from their many advantages. Whatever your correction, you can claim to use this alternative to glasses.

However, it is advisable to consult a doctor ophthalmologist who, during simple examinations, will determine various parameters such as your capacity to secrete tears, your correction, your way of life or even the diameter of your corneas ... Thus, you will be able to define together the type of lens that will fit perfectly to your eyes and your use.

Soft or Rigid?

Monthly or Daily?

Conventional Lenses

That we change every year or every two years. They represent only 10% of the soft market. Totally made to measure, they nevertheless have the advantage of an individual choice for the material, shapes and even the most complex corrections.

How To Choose

Simple tests make it possible to compare the performances of the different lenses in the same person. The lenses must be simultaneously powerful for the vision, the comfort and the metabolic respect of the cornea. But lenses have different materials, just as the tears of the wearers are unique. Therefore, and this is the essential role of the specialist, it is necessary to compare different lens options to find the ones that give the best results. It is therefore after one or two test sessions, then by a loan period of several days, that the choice will be confirmed. The lenses are therefore delivered only if they give complete satisfaction.

Take care of your lenses

Lenses make your life easier, but in the evening, they can contain dust, limescale, germs and impurities of all kinds . To avoid an infection of the eye, the hygiene gestures mentioned above are essential. If you are traveling or on vacation and you can not clean them meticulously, perhaps it would be safer not to wear them for a few days.

When handling your lenses, be careful not to scratch them: grasp them with your fingertip and avoid contact with the fingernail . In the morning, two choices are available to you: a rinse or not. It all depends on the product you use, some are multi-purpose. Never let your lenses get dirty and dry out in the open and never use tap water! In case of irritation, swelling, red eye, tearful, painful, blurred vision, consult an ophthalmologist promptly.

Hygiene is important

If these rules of hygiene are however quite simple and known, they are unfortunately little respected. A study conducted by the company Kadence in 2007 highlighted the bad behavior of the wearers of lenses. The results, obtained thanks to the responses of nearly 1,400 voluntary carriers, are alarming.

Renewal times are far exceeded, shipping instructions are flouted, some often sleep with their lenses, hygiene is approximate, especially many carriers who do not wash their hands to put or remove the lenses. Maintenance protocols are not or poorly observed , solution vials are often used beyond the expiry date. Worse still: some carriers clean their lenses with water or saliva .


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