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Contact Lens: Types and Care

Contact lenses have come a long way over the years. There are many types of contact lenses you can choose from to optimize your vision. The following are descriptions of different types of lenses and some general upkeep tips:

Soft or Rigid?

Monthly or Daily?

How To Choose

Don’t be overwhelmed by all the options before you! It’s simple for your eye doctor to determine which contact lens is right for you. Vision tests are first and foremost to find the prescription type of the lens you need. Next, you need to determine what lens type adheres to your eyes’ metabolic preferences. This is the purpose of the eye tests during your comprehensive eye exam, to map out the characteristics of your eye and calibrate glasses and contact lenses to your needs.

Take care of your lenses

Lenses are very convenient but require some upkeep to ensure your eye health.

When handling your lenses, be careful not to scratch them: grasp them with your fingertip and avoid contact with the fingernail. In the before bed, remove the lenses and rinse them out, or leave them in a cleaning solution. Never let your lenses dry out or get dirty and avoid using tap water to clean them. In case of swelling, red eye, pain, or any unusual irritation, consult an ophthalmologist promptly.


Contact lenses are the most convenient option for eyesight correction. There are many options for those looking for contacts, so you’re never limited to lenses that don’t meet your needs. Just remember to follow the upkeep procedures for your lenses to keep your eyes healthy.

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