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8 Facts You Need to Know About Your Vision

The eyes are very important organs in the body and are responsible for sight. They are also delicate and need to be taken care of. This includes knowing all you need to about your eyes and vision so that you can easily identify potential issues and also take good care of them. In this article, we will be unravelling 8 crucial things you need to know about your vision.

1. You are going to need glasses at some point

Even if you have perfect vision during the first half of your life, at some point you will start squinting in front of your phone screen and asking your children to read you the menu at the restaurant. There is even a name for this vision loss synonymous with aging: presbyopia, which the American Association of Optometrists tells us prevents us from "focusing on close objects". "When you start to feel the need to stretch your arm to see the fine print - around the age of 40 - it's time to buy a pair of reading glasses," says Dr. Ozerov.

It may sound a little illogical, but the magnifying power of the telescope is high, and the more you have to keep your book ready. "If the deterioration of your vision in the middle age goes the other way - you can still read but the signs look like hieroglyphs - you are becoming nearsighted and the pharmacy glasses will be of no help to you. Go to your optometrist and have a pair of prescription glasses done.

2. Some people may temporarily stop wearing glasses

There is a strange phenomenon where the vision improv. "Older patients who contract a cataract sometimes benefit from a" honeymoon "during which they no longer need reading glasses," says Dr. Ozerov. This occurs when the lens thickens, making the eye more myopic, a phenomenon that allows the person to perceive smaller characters without glasses. But it does not last long. As cataracts get worse, all visual abilities go down, and eventually you have to go through surgery.

3. Scratches Can Dazzle Your eyesight

Of course you can still see through those scratched glasses, but struggling to break through fog can wreck your eyes, says Dr. Ozerov. You can erase fingerprints, but not scratches; so treat your new pair of glasses with all due respect. "To avoid scratches, never put glasses down," advises the ophthalmologist.

4. New glasses, new frame

Your desire to save money - or your love for your old mounts - could lead you to want to replace only glasses and not buy new frames. Bad idea ! "You can not put new glasses in old frames because your new glasses will be cut and mounted on the mount," says Dr. Ozerov. However, the old frame must be heated to remove the old glasses and heated again to place the new ones, which puts strain on the plastic and increases the risk for it to break, split or crack with the weather. Better to opt for a new pair.

5. You can save a lot by buying online

True glasses stores sell more expensive pairs because their operating costs are higher, so you might be tempted to buy online, especially if the prices are significantly better. Beyond the question of whether you are buying a counterfeit trademark model (check positive and negative comments before clicking on "buy"), you need to ask yourself: do cheap glasses really fit the requirements from the prescription of my optometrist? "For simple prescriptions, no problem, you can buy online," says Dr. Ozerov. But for more complex glasses like bifocal lenses, for example, I think it's better to do business with an optometrist in Orlando. "Be aware that many glasses come automatically with anti-reflection treatment, which could be worth a significant supplement. Take the time to ask what it is, whether you buy online or at a store.

6. Some extras are worth it

UV rays, glare, eye fatigue and harmful blue lights are all your eyes abuse everyday. Fortunately, you can take glasses that protect you from all this without necessarily going through sunglasses. Transitions® lenses, for example, continually adapt to light variations and protect your eyes. These glasses stop 100% of UVA / UVB rays and attenuate dazzling lights. They also filter harmful blue light from phones, laptops, and LED or fluorescent bulbs. Tim Gunn, one of the gurus of the Haute Couture Project, is totally seduced by these glasses, which he makes pose on all these glasses. "The transition is smooth and I know I'm protected," he told Reader's Digest . He particularly likes not having to change to smoked glasses every time he goes out. Transition now has different types of lenses, some of which are specific to driving or extreme outdoor activities.

7. Your vision can change in a few months

It may be that you pass exams for your eyes every two or three years, every time the world around you loses some of its sharpness, but your vision to change dramatically in the meantime. "Many diseases can greatly change the relevance of your prescription," says Dr. Ozerov. Cataracts, diabetes and glaucoma, for example, may require new glasses. "It's best to see your optometrist every year to make sure your health and vision are on the same page. Did you know that your optometrist could detect diseases before your doctor?

8. Better Natural

An experiment conducted by Dr. Earl Smith of the University of Houston College of Optometry proves this point. Monkeys were chosen for this scientific study and were fitted with glasses used to treat their myopia. The experiment discovered that the monkeys eye's adapted to the lenses and their Myopia worsened.

What was rather significant and concerning about this scientific research study is the fact that it provided reliable evidence that glasses actually worsen Myopia. What is also interesting regarding the validation of this study, is the fact that monkeys and humans have very similar visual systems that function in an identical way.

Considering the fact that near point stress, mental stress and eye strain are primary causes of eyesight problems, the solution lies in the practice of eye relaxation techniques that relax the eye muscles and relieve eye strain. The eyes like any other part of the body, requires exercise in order to be strengthened so that they function in a healthy way.

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