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Getting Ready for Your Eye Appointment

Visiting your eye doctor on a regular basis is paramount to keeping your eyes healthy. Before you see your doctor, it’s in your best interest to be prepared for the appointment. The following are some helpful tips and important questions you should keep in mind for your next eye appointment:

Be Prepared

It greatly helps both you and your doctor if you come to your appointment prepared. Remember why you scheduled your eye appointment. Have you been having vision problems? Eye irritation? Do a little research on your symptoms so you can communicate more effectively with your eye doctor.

It doesn’t hurt to do some research on the tests you might be taking for your appointment. Be sure to read What to Expect for Your Comprehensive Eye Exam to familiarize yourself with common eye tests.

Take Notes During the Appointment

It’s difficult to retain all the information you learn from your appointment, so you should take notes. From audio recording to pen and paper, make sure you jot down any important info your eye doctor provides.

Questions to ask your eye doctor

Here are some points of discussion you should take up with your eye doctor:

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