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Guide on How to Overcome Presbyopia

If you find it difficult to read text from a laptop or mobile phone or tablet screen, it is very likely that you are suffering from presbyopia. Presbyopia is one of the many unwanted benefits of aging. As we grow old, the eyes start to lose their ability to focus on small objects since the lens hardens and is unable to flex, making it difficult to see things close by...

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A Guide to Teens and Contact Lenses

You probably think contact lenses look more like a recent invention, right? You are not entirely wrong if you think so. Contact lenses only mainstream recently. That said, they’re not entirely new invention. The concept of contact lenses goes back to centuries ago to a Leonardo da Vinci sketch in 1508. Da Vinci’s theory of a glass bowl filled with water has evolved to become the breathable silicon hydrogen contact lenses we have now...

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What are Scleral Contact Lenses?

Eyes of Winter Park is proud to offer Scleral Contact Lenses to international patients as well as patients in the Orlando and Central Florida area. Scleral Contact Lenses have been improved since the 1970s to correct vision with a few distinct advantages to regular contact lenses:

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Scleral Contact Lenses - Are they easy to use?

The thought of inserting a large rigid lens into your eyes may sound menacing but the truth is that these lenses are easy to use and enjoy. Initially, like with anything that is new to you, these lenses may require some practice and take a bit more time than you are willing to spend working with these lenses initially.

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