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We Believe Healthy Eyes

Lead to a Productive & Meaningful Life

Our Mission

Our passion is to improve the life experience of our patients through optimized visual performance.

Accomplished by:

To maximize your ocular and visual health today and into the future.

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Dr. Francisco Jose Richardson provides the most progressive and comprehensive eye exam for patients of all ages. Your eyes will be evaluated not only for vision but also for ocular health.

"I believe that healthy eyes lead to a productive and meaningful life."

The eye exam begins with a conversation to determine your visual needs and identify any complaints you may be experiencing with your eyes and vision. Our optometric technician, Itzamar, will conduct a series of preliminary tests to collect information about your eyes. The initial tests include an evaluation of your vision with and without your correction, assessment of your color vision and depth perception, and the internal pressure of the eyes.

Dr. Richardson is proud to offer the latest in diagnostic equipment from Zeiss Meditec. The same equipment used by retinal ophthalmologists and most of the time without the need of dilation drops. Research supports that this equipment can aid in the diagnosis of certain ocular conditions before clinical signs are present and detectable by a regular eye exam.



In the case of an after-hours eye or vision emergency, please call (407) 672-2020. If for some reason you cannot reach our emergency line, proceed to the nearest hospital emergency department to receive assistance.

Examples of Emergencies

blurred vision, redness, itching, swelling, loss of vision, curtain in vision, severe spots / flashes, contact lens complications, foreign objects / hazardous fluids in the eye

Call immediately if you feel you have an eye emergency that needs to be addressed promptly and professionally.

Want to be free of your glasses? Even your reading glasses? Play sports and want to wear regular sunglasses? Ask Dr. Richardson about the advances in contact lenses. The contact lenses available today are comfortable and convenient. They are capable of correcting all your vision needs: single vision, astigmatism, and even multifocals or monovision for simultaneous far and near vision. The newest technology are daily use contact lenses. The convenience of fresh new lenses every single day without the need of cleaning or storing lenses. (Use a contact lens graphic or lens insertion or lens on a fingertip)

Specializing in rigid and custom scleral prosthetic contact lenses. Clearer vision is the main advantage when using rigid contact lenses. The recent improvement of contact lens materials allow more oxygen to pass through the lens material and offers the healthiest environment for your eyes. Scleral lenses are large diameter rigid lenses designed to vault over the surface of the eye without touching it. The space between the scleral lens and the surface of your eye is filled with a refreshing solution that virtually eliminates all corneal irregularities and astigmatism. Three distinct advantages:

  • 1) Clear Vision - optics of hard lenses
  • 2) Dry Eye Relief - solution between lens and your eye
  • 3) Comfort - not touching the sensitive cornea

The optical offers over 700 spectacle frames and sunglasses including the latest from designers such as Blackfin, Coco Song, Fendi, Porsche Design, Silhouette, and many others. Our optician, Erin, will help you select a frame that best fits your facial features and will fit the spectacle frames on your face. Erin will also educate you on the many lens features and treatments available to make sure your new glasses are not only fashionable but functional as well. Our ever-changing inventory always provides you with the best selection possible so your next visit to Eyes of Winter Park will always be fresh and exciting!

Eyes of Winter Park introduces the ME1200 / ICE1000 state of the art edging lab from Santinelli / Nidek. These machines are capable of precise and accurate mounting of all prescription spectacles with faster turn around times. Our team has the expertise to complete custom orders using all the technology available:

Design your own rimless spectacles with a unique lens shape, specialty lens materials such as high index and glass, lens treatments like anti reflection and hard coat, protection from the sun with photo-chromatic or polarized lenses, color tints, edge grooves / facets, customized clips for sun / computer, and even Swarovski crystals. Allow our team to show you what can be accomplished in customization.

Call Dr. Richardson today at Eyes of Winter Park to schedule appointment at (407) 672-2020.


  • “This place was awesome! If anyone would like to experience a doctor and staff who actually cares and listens to your needs, make Eyes of Winter Park your Optometrist. I felt welcomed and Dr. Francisco listened to my concerns and gave a thorough exam. Afterwards, the staff helped me to pick out my new specs and actually gave their opinion! I've not had such specialized treatment at a doctor's office. And they were on time to boot!!! GREAT!”

  • “I had my eye exam at Eyes of Winter Park and it was such a wonderful experience. Dr. Richardson and his staff were amazing. Dr. Richardson was very attentive in answering all of my questions and concerns. I will be switching my daughter to him as well.”

  • “The staff at Eyes of Winter Park was very accommodating to my scheduling needs. Everyone I talked to was very friendly and made me feel welcomed as new patient. Dr. Richardson was outstanding.”

  • “This is an extremely professional office. Dr. Richardson made me feel comfortable and was patient as I struggled to try new contact lenses. They also have many stylish frames to choose from! I would strongly recommend Eyes of Winter Park!”

  • “Dr. Richardson is an excellent doctor. He takes his time and gives each patient the time and care they need. His staff is friendly and willing to help. They have a large selection of glasses with a wide price range. Something for everyone, no matter what your budget is. Great for contact lenses too! You won't be disappointed!”

  • “A great experience! I was able to use my insurance for my first no line bifocals and the fit and vision is perfect! Thanks guys. My fiance did not have insurance and they hooked her up with a special price for the exam, glasses and contact lenses. Super nice and knowledgeable folks. Went back and got contacts. They were less than what I paid at 1-800!! Thanks”

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