7 Signs That You Need to Visit an Optometrist in Winter Park

When’s the last time you’ve had your eyes checked? Have you noticed yourself squinting at faraway or small objects? Do you find it frustrating to read text close up? If you’re noticing that something’s wrong with your eyes, it’s time to visit an optometrist.

The need for an optometrist

According to statistical findings by the Vision Impact Institute, approximately 60% of the population requires vision correction. To ensure that your eyes stay healthy, visit your optometrist at Eyes of Winter Park for accurate diagnosis of any vision problem you might be having. If you’re suffering from medical condition, you should visit an optometrist frequently. If you’re not suffering from a medical condition, two to four visits a year will suffice.

Here are 7 signs that indicate you need to see an optometrist

  • Sign #1 You have blurred vision and trouble in focusing

    Focus problems and sudden blurry vision occurring in one or both eyes are warning signs of a much more significant eye health problem. Is it fuzzy or difficult for you to read your favorite book? Can you not read distant text? Visit an optometrist to find out what’s wrong with your eyes.

  • Sign #2 Inability to see clearly at night

    In most cases, night blindness is a result of deterioration in the natural cause of aging. In some cases, night blindness is the first stage of cataracts. If your vision becomes blurry at night, it’s time to see an optometrist.

  • Sign #3 Having double vision

    Double vision can result from astigmatism, dry eye, or a disease of the cornea, and more. If you are experiencing any of this condition, call your optometrist.

  • Sign #4 Frequent headaches

    Are you having regular headaches? It can be a sign of a vision condition. Some common eye challenges that cause headaches include astigmatism, farsightedness, nearsightedness, and presbyopia. Frequent headaches can also be caused by cataract or glaucoma, which are more dangerous eye health conditions.

  • Sign #5 Eye Pressure

    If you are experiencing intense pressure at the back of your eye, it might be an indication that you are about to develop glaucoma. Typically, an eye pressure that is above regular can damage the optic nerve and result in permanent loss of vision. Although it doesn’t mean that all people are experiencing abnormal eye pressure that has glaucoma, it is necessary to see an optometrist to examine your eye and proffer lasting solution to the problem.

  • Sign #6. Becoming sensitive to light

    Suddenly you notice you have become more sensitive to light beyond the standard conditions, you should immediately consult your optometrist. Light sensitivity sometimes constitutes symptoms of different eye disorder diseases (including infection). If you are experiencing this, get an eye exam.

  • Sign #7. Eye Infections

    Are you experiencing frequent itching, redness, or swelling of the eye? Are you discharging from the eye or experiencing a pink discoloration of the white substance in your eye? If you’re experiencing any of these signs of eye infection, it’s time to visit an optometrist.

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