A Guide to Teens and Contact Lenses

Is your teen having trouble seeing? Are you a teenager who’s tired of squinting to see the board at class? Here’s all you need to know about contact lenses.

How old should you be to start using contact lenses?

There is no age limit for contact lenses. You can start at any age, however the responsibility required by the constant maintenance can be difficult for younger users. It is beneficial, however, for a young user to get familiar with using contact lenses, however it’s never too late to start using them. Most people notice a vision deficiency in their teen years, so now is the perfect time to start using them.

Why choose Contact Lenses over Eyeglasses?

Glasses, while they can be stylish, are at times impractical for teenagers. If you play sports, or are otherwise highly active, contact lenses are a far more convenient option for you.

What kind of maintenance is required?

Depending on the type of contact lenses you get, maintenance can range from minimal to daily. If you have disposable lenses, there’s little maintenance required as you can replace your lenses daily. Long term contact lenses require more upkeep as you’ll be keeping the same pair for a longer period of time. Caring for lenses is simple, all you need is an approved lens cleaning solution to let them soak in overnight. Along with that, it’s important to be attentive to what comes into contact with your lenses. Make sure your hands are clean when handling them, and refrain from using tap water to rinse them off.

Do I need a prescription to get contact?

Yes, you do. Contact lenses are made specifically for your eyes, as no two pair of eyes are the same. If, however, you want colored contact lenses and don’t need vision correction, you’ll have no problem getting them.

How expensive contact lenses compare to eyeglasses?

Typically, the initial purchase of contact lenses is cheaper than eyeglasses. However, when buying eyeglasses, you don’t need to make any additional purchases for a long time. Buying contacts will require you to buy a cleaning solution on a regular basis, as well as additional pairs of lenses depending on what type you get.

How comfortable are contact lenses?

Replacing a contact lens is not a decision you should take alone. Whether the lens is for you as a parent or for your teen, ensure that you contact your optometrist in Winter Park before attempting to replace a lost or damaged contact lens. If you are using a disposable contact lens, don’t worry about a spare since you already a supply of lenses to fall back on when the need arises.

How comfortable are contact lenses?

All first time contact lens users will find them uncomfortable for a short time, but this goes away quickly. The more you wear contact lenses, the less you’ll notice them. Proof of this is the fact that some people fall asleep with their lenses in because they forgot about them. Don’t worry about your contact lenses being uncomfortable, millions of people wear contact lenses around the world for a reason. After a week of using them, putting in contact lenses will become second nature!

Is there any risk from contact lenses?

There is no health risk associated with using contact lenses unless you aren’t diligent in your maintenance of them. If you keep them clean, they’ll never cause any problems for you.

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