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“I want my patients to regain their independence and see again, Low Vision Aids allow that to happen” 

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Our team of trained Low Vision aid Specialist will provide detailed walkthroughs and tutorials on how to use each unique device. We work with our customers to provide maximum support and comfort in learning how to use the best low vision products.

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Low Vision Aids are devices designed to help people with poor vision to read and see more clearly. Examples include Electric Video Magnifiers, standing and hand-held magnifiers, strong magnifying reading glasses, loupes, and small telescopes. These devices provide greatly increased magnification capabilities along with higher-quality optics (i.e. the way the lens bends or refracts light). Often prescribed by an eye doctor, these devices are different from your normal eyesight glasses and magnifiers.

Welcome to the 21st Century

Our products offer a  complete Low Vision solution. We go beyond simple magnification and higher resolution. We have designed custom products to give a visually impaired person a second chance at life.

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