Choosing a solution for your contact lenses

Choosing a contact lens solution is important because different solutions react to your eye and the material of your contact lenses. The following is a list of solution types and their pros and cons:

Multipurpose solutions

These are contact lens solutions that can clean, rinse and store your contact lenses. After using your lenses, you need to rinse them and rub them down before storing them. Multipurpose solutions do all of these steps in one.

  • Advantages

    Quick and convenient process, just place the lenses in the solution and you’re good to go tomorrow. They are also cheaper than hydrogen peroxide solutions.

  • Disadvantages

    Multipurpose solutions could cause your eyes to be irritated and uncomfortable if you are allergic or sensitive to some of the chemicals used.

Hydrogen Peroxide (H2O2) solutions

This is a great choice if you wear contact lenses and are allergic or sensitive to most solutions. You can use hydrogen peroxide solutions to rise and store your contact lenses. You however must neutralize the lenses first in a neutralizing case before you wear them. If you skip this step and put your contact lenses into your eyes without neutralizing them, it will hurt your eyes and cause serious burns to your cornea. You need to make sure that the neutralization disc is changed after a while as its potency reduces with continuous usage. Sterilizing your contact lenses with hydrogen peroxide solution, requires you to soak them for about 6 hours.

  • Advantages

    Highly effective solution and quality products. It is chemical and preservative free which is great if you suffer from allergies or sensitivity to chemicals.

  • Disadvantages

    When using hydrogen peroxide solutions for your contact lenses, you must make sure not to skip the neutralization step which could cause pain and chemical burn to your eyes. If you suffer exposure to hydrogen peroxide, flush your eyes quickly under a stream of water until the pain abates.

Saline solutions

This does everything that a multipurpose solution does but with the added benefit of allowing you to store your lenses for as long as 30 days. Saline solution is sterile and can be used with other types of contact lens solutions. Saline solution helps to remove dirt, destroy bacteria and store your contact lenses. Once you have disinfected your contact lenses, you can then use another solution to rinse and clean. Saline solution is basically pH-balanced water with some salt which is best suited as a cleaning solution and storage. Note that you can use a saline solution for disinfecting your contact lenses, but it is not a viable replacement for a proper disinfectant.

  • Advantages

    It is cheap and great for storing and cleaning your contact lenses. You can also use it as a supplement to other types of contact lenses solutions.

  • Disadvantages

    It is not primarily a disinfectant so if you need to remove bacteria build up effectively from your contact lenses; especially if you are a monthly or weekly user. This may not be cost effective and end up costing you more money than just using a single multipurpose solution.

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