Some situations happen that are out of our control, and when it happens to our eyes, we panic because our sight is one of our five primary senses. There is no need to panic when your eyes are in the hands of the staff at Eyes of Winter Park. This is why Eyes of Winter Park offers emergency eye care in Winter Park, Florida for everyone that might be experiencing a traumatic eye event. Our emergency eye care in Winter Park is available to all individuals that have sustained trauma to the eye or if they are experiencing an eye emergency of any kind. Our experienced and professional team offers the medical expertise needed to treat any eye emergency. We have seen everything from retinal detachment, corneal abrasions, orbital bone fractures, eye lid lacerations, foreign objects in the eye, traumatic iritis, and chemicals in the eye so rest assured we can treat a variety of eye condtions.

If you feel unsure about your particular eye situation, feel free to give us a call immediately, and we will get you into our Winter Park eye doctor right away. We know exactly how to handle any orbital issue you may have, and it’s better to act quickly instead of waiting to see if the problem clears up on its own. Your vision could potentially be in danger if you wait too long. All eye emergencies need to be addressed promptly by a professional in the field and there no one better than the optometrist at the Eyes of Winter Park. Our eyes doctors are professional, courteous, and discreet so rest assured that your eyes are in good hands. Our eye doctor office is located in Winter Park, Florida and serves all residents in and around Winter Park.

DURING OPERATING HOURS: Please call our office and come in to be evaluated. We request that you be patient, while we work to fit you into the schedule.

AFTER HOURS: Call the emergency after hours line, if you’re uncertain and want a quick consultation. This is a message service and the optomestrist will contact you with further instructions within a reasonable amount of time.

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