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Optical Lens Technology

Blue Light

Blue LIght

Computer Before Bedtime / Sleep Problems

Fluorescent Lighting

Improved Comfort with Prolonged Use

Sources of Blue Light :
Computers, Laptops, Smartphones, Flourescent Lights

Anti Reflective (AR) Treatments

AR Treatments
  • No Longer a “Coating” - Layered / Vacuum Deposition
  • Additional Clarity - Eliminate Reflections - Up to 99.5% of Light Passes To the Eyes (Especially in Low Light or at Night)
  • More Attractive / Transparent and Nearly Invisible on Face
  • Improved Resistance - Scratch / Smudge / Water

Not All Progressives Are the Same!


Filters out Reflections

Mirror Treatments

Computer Before Bedtime / Sleep Problems

Back Side AR Treatments

Same Technology as in Rx Lenses

"Wrap" Curved Lenses

Same Technology as in Rx Lense

Lens Materials

Optics, Thickness, and Weight

Your decision on lens material will impact your lens thickness and weight. Thicker, heavier lenses may leave pressure marks on your nose or cause your eyeglasses to slide down your nose.

Basic Plastic

Polycarbonate (Poly)

  • Up to 20%Thinner and Lighter
  • Good for Grooved and Drilled Lenses


  • Polycarbonate with Plastic Mixed In (Added Flexibility)
  • Thicker than Poly but with Improved Optics
  • Good for Grooved and Drilled Lenses

High Index 1.67 and Above

  • Up to 35% Thinner and Lighter

Lens Treatments

Hard Layer, Anti-Reflection


Sun and Glare Protection

Photo-chromatic (self tinting)

  • Adapt quickly to changing light conditions
  • Clear indoors to sunglass-dark outdoors
  • 100% UV Protection


  • Filters out Irritating Reflections up to 50% or more
  • Eliminate Blinding Glare - sun sun reflections, wet surfaces
  • Increase Clarity and Improve Color Perception

Mirror Treatments

  • Computer Before Bedtime / Sleep Problems

Back Side AR Treatments

  • Same Technology as in Rx Lenses

"Wrap" Curved Lenses

  • Same Technology as in Rx Lense



Red / Pink

Enhances visual depth, Reduces eye strain, Provides good road visibility, Comforting to the eyes, Helps adjust contrast - for Cycling and Racing, good in most weather conditions, especially in snow


Brown / Amber

Improves contrast, Has a red element to enhance depth perception - for Golf, tennis, highaltitude sports, fishing, boating/sailing, or sports where distance needs to be judged, partly cloudy to sunny conditions



Greater clarity in fog, haze, and other low-light conditions, Filters out blue light that can make focusing difficult - for Skiing, mountain biking, hunting, aviation, tennis, and target shooting, Note: may cause color distortion, Good for first and last light. Also good in foggy or hazy conditions



Transmits all colors evenly, Good for general purpose use, Dims glare while brightening shadows - for all outdoor activities, good in rain or shine


Blue / Purple / Double Gradient

Fashionable, Cosmetically appealing, Reduces glare, Helps to see contours, Improves color perception - for outdoor spectators and golf, Good in misty, foggy and snowy conditions



Good for general purpose use, Anti-fatigue, True color perception, Dark enough to provide overall protection, Reduces glare, especially off water - for Driving, baseball, tennis, football, soccer, water sports, and all other outdoor activities, good variable weather tint for sunny or overcast days

Cleaning Your Glasses

AR Treatments
  • Remember - Most Lenses are Plastic
  • Remember - Lens Treatments are Susceptible to Damage
  • Do Not Use the Corner Of Your Shirt
  • Do Not Rub Aggressively on Lenses
  • Do Not Use Chemicals: Ammonia, Bleach, Vinegar, Window Cleaner, Crazy Glue - These Will Degrade Lens Treatments and Eyeglass Frames
  • Warm Water, Dish Soap, Gentle Cleaning with Finger Tips, Use a Soft Bristle Brush to Clean Difficult Areas, Pat Dry With Dry Cotton Cloth, Dry All Metal Parts, Perform Regularly to Maintain Optimal Life
  • Ultrasonic Cleaners Are Excellent. Use Moderately Alkaline or Neutral Synthetic Cleaning Agent
  • Last Resort - Microfiber Cloths. they work well for emergencies, they attract dust and are generally stored in your pocket with lint and other potential contaminants that can scratch or damage surface treatments
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