Pinkeye: All You Need to Know

Pinkeye, or Conjunctivitis, is a very common eye disease, especially for youth. Outbreaks of Pinkeye often happen at elementary schools.


Conjunctivitis occurs when there is an inflammation of infection of the transparent membrane(conjunctiva) that lines your eyelid and covers the white part of your eye. When small blood vessels in the conjunctiva become inflamed, the white of your eye becomes reddish pink.

Commonly caused by viruses, bacteria, allergies, chemical exposure, foreign objects, or a blocked tear duct in newborns.


  • Redness in one or both eyes
  • Itchiness in one or both eyes
  • A gritty feeling in one or both eyes
  • A discharge from the affected eye(s) that forms a crust during the night that may prevent the eye(s) from opening in the morning
  • Excessive tearing


  • Depending on the cause, some doctors may prescribe an antibiotic.
  • Topical eye drops or ointment
  • Talk to your eye doctor about what option suits you best


  • Preventing Pinkeye boils down to keeping your eyes clean
  • Don’t touch your eyes with your hands, and wash your hands frequently
  • Use clean towels and washcloths, and don’t share towels or washcloths
  • Change your pillowcase often
  • Don’t share eye cosmetics or personal eye care items

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