Preparing for Your Eye Exam

While many people walk into their eye exam for glasses or contact lenses in Orlando without any preparation, thinking through some common eye challenges can help you prepare to work better with the eye doctor during your next eye exam. There is a simple reason for this as many people feel nervous during the exam making it harder to think about challenges that you need to address with your optometrist. Therefore, use this list as a springboard to think through if there are any particular issues that you need to discuss with the doctor and his staff.

Are You Having Issues With Your Vision?

If you are having trouble with your vision, then making a list of these problems beforehand can help you make sure that the doctor addresses your concerns during your appointment. For example, is your vision blurred, are you having more trouble seeing at night or do you sometimes see double?

Can You Judge Distances Correctly?

There are many ways that you can tell if you are having more trouble than usual judging distances correctly. For example, do you often miss shallow driveways causing you to drive off the curb near the drive or are you feeling more clumsy walking up or down stairs as you are not sure where to put your foot?

Do You see Colors Vividly?

Unless you have been colorblind since birth, you should be able to see colors vividly throughout your life. Some people, however, discover that everything starts to look white or black as they age. Not distinctly seeing colors can be a sign of common eye diseases, so discuss it with the doctor.

Are You Having any Health Issues?

Many health issues can affect your vision. If a provider is treating you for another health concern, then make sure to tell the eye doctor. Even if you think that your medicines have not changed, be sure to bring along any medications that you are currently taking as some can cause changes in your vision. Make sure to include over-the-counter medicines or alternative medicines that you take regularly.

Are There Vision Problems in Your Family?

Before your appointment, talk to other family members to see if there are common eye problems in your family. Be sure to mention any eye problems that your mother, father, or siblings have had or are having currently. The doctor will spend a few extra minutes looking for signs of these diseases in you as most problems can be easily treated if diagnosed early.

Do not delay making your appointment with an eye doctor in Orlando. If you do not already have a practitioner in Orlando, then call Eyes of Winter Park. Your eyes are too important to not take care of properly, so if you need glasses or contacts lenses in Orlando, they will help you find the best fit for you.

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