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Acesight S


Acesight and Acesight S are electronic glasses that let you see even with severe low vision.


Acesight & Acesight S Functions

High Contrast

For All Eye Conditions.  High contrast color is proved greatly helpful for people with most visual impairments.


Up to 15x.  Look at the world bigger!

Floating Reading Mode

For Long Text Reading.  Freeze the view and see it as a big still image.


Outline Objects.  The lines added to edges of things enable you to see better.

Find Function*

Easy to Locate Things.  Find function help a user locate things in a higher magnification.

Narrow Mode*

For Peripheral Vision Loss.  If you have a limited field of vision, Narrow mode can help you see the whole picture.

*Narrow mode and Find function are not available on Acesight S.

Open design of Acesight/Acesight S lets you walk around while wearing it.
See Bigger

Look around and see your world magnified up to 15x normal size.

Long Use

Exceptional battery life provides 4.5 hours of continuous use.

Larger View
45° Field of View – extra wide view lets you see more.