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Samsung Gear VR with Controller


The Oculus mobile platform transforms your GALAXY smartphone into a portable VR device that lets you experience anything, anywhere.



The Power of the Oculus App

The most compelling content on Gear VR is at your fingertips. Browse a thriving ecosystem of games and experiences, connect with friends, and more.

Discover Great Content

We’ve driven technological innovations forward to deliver a faster, sharper Oculus Home experience. Mobile VR has never looked better or performed this well.

See What’s Happening

Check out what’s going on right now in VR with Oculus Events. Don’t miss out on the next social gathering, tournament, or concert.

Be Yourself

We’ve made it easy to create your custom avatar, complete with nearly 8 billion permutations, from clothing and hair to textures and colors.

Hang Out with Friends

Spend time with your friends in VR with Oculus Rooms. You can play games, watch movies on the big screen, and update your avatar with an audience.

Designed for Mobile Interaction

The Samsung Gear VR Controller brings mobile immersion to the next level. Now you can draw constellations in the night sky, cast a fishing line with precision, fire guns in multiplayer standoffs, and more.